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It is time for part 3 of the RPP Hobby Ascender K-5 Blazer kit build. For the first two blog entries on this particular build we covered assembling the transmission and axles. For part 3 we will document the complete chassis assembly and point out a few things to watch out for during the chassis assembly process. Who is ready to get their tools dirty?


Step one, locate Bag D in your K-5 Blazer box.


A photo of the adjustable wheelbase frame rail set. One of the unique features of the Ascender line of trucks is the ability to adjust your wheelbase to fit various scale bodies. Which sounds simple enough, but with a chassis mounted steering system it can make things a little complicated. If the servo is mounted to the chassis and the axle is moved forwards or backwards, the servo must go with it to maintain proper steering geometry.


Everything you need to complete D-1.


Take note here. Check page 41 of the assembly manual to see where the chassis rails need to be in correlation with each other in order to achieve the wheelbase you are shooting for. Since we are building the Blazer kit stock we need to assemble the chassis in the 314mm configuration, as depicted at the bottom of page 41. First chassis rail bolted up to the skid plate.


Start the screws on the second chassis rail, install the three chassis braces, and tighten everything down.


Locate your four shock towers and trim the excess flashing off them with a sharp hobby knife.


Install the first three flathead screws into the driver’s side shock tower.


Snap the required part into the backside of the frame rail and secure the fourth flathead screw.


Install the grey anodized shock tower brace at the same time you install the passenger side shock tower.


The rear shock towers install similar to the front.


Starting to resemble a 1:1 chassis now. We are impressed with how stout the plastic components in this kit are so far.


All the parts required to complete step D-3.


We started at the back. Pretty straightforward install here.


Front all buttoned up.


Transmission will go in next, and that will bring us to the end of part 3.


Thanks for following along on our build journey to complete this Vaterra Ascender kit. We will say after assembling the chassis that it is a very rigid platform. The frame rails also taper out at the base of the skid plate adding even more strength. Join us next time as we install electronics, build the suspension links and get into the shocks. Thanks again for checking out the RPP blog!