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Trophy Truck racing is one of the most demanding forms of off road motorsports, both psychically and financially. Owning a Trophy Truck requires extremely deep pockets, a passion for off road racing, a dedicated team, and a large supply of spare parts. Mere mortals like ourselves will probably never even get to experience riding in one of these monsters, let alone own one. The best we can hope for, as R/C enthusiasts, is a scaled down mini version that won’t break the bank! Is that even possible? Enter the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer (UDR)!  This beast is about as close as any of us are going to get to owning a trophy truck, and it is amazing! A 1/7th scale version of Justin Lofton’s Fox Racing Truck! Traxxas dubs this truck a “Pro-Scale” performance vehicle, which basically means it is very true to scale as far as performance and looks. In true Traxxas fashion this rig is ready to rip right out of the box with the ability to run 4s or 6S Lipos through a 2200KV brushless set-up. Ready to see more? Let’s dig in!

Even sitting still this truck looks like it’s doing 100mph. The scale looks and overall proportions are spot on!


Got suspension travel? The UDR has an amazing amount of suspension travel and it feels unbelievably PLUSH!


Traxxas went big with the scale features on this truck! A shot of the detailed Lexan interior.


Two fully functional spares wheel and tires are mounted out back. Notice the scale jack sitting behind them too.


Traxxas even includes a functional spare driveshaft mounted below the scale fire extinguishers. Notice the scale batteries, spare quarts of oil, radiator, and the shock reservoirs. So much scale detail!


A shot of the bottom, which is where you access the battery tray. Smooth and scale!


Body off shots reveal a highly detailed roll cage.


Protected by the scale roll cage are nicely detail driver and navigator figures!


A shot of the scale front sway bar, and the long travel shocks!


The rear shocks, trailing arms, limiting straps, and sway bar are spot on replicas of the real deal.


Stretching its legs!


And that wraps us our inside look at the Unlimited Desert Racer! Traxxas did an incredible job with the overall looks and performance of this burly truck! The hefty weight and perfectly tuned shocks make this truck extremely fun to drive! The suspension just soaks up bumps at high speed without upsetting the chassis which makes the overall driving experience even better! As always thanks for checking out the RPP Hobby blog!