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It is finally time for the last installment of our scale garage build! It has taken a little longer than expected to finish, but that is ok with us. Today we are installing a vital tool, which will also be the centerpiece to the garage. Enter our new scale RC4WD Bendpak lift. This is possibly one of the coolest scale items on the market for R/C garage builds. The lift has all metal construction, amazing scale details, and a motor in each upright with ball screws that actually drive the lift up and down like the real deal. In this article we will show you how we assembled the lift and what to watch out for in the process. Ready to dive in?

Scale gold! Props to RC4WD for the packaging on this lift! All of the parts are encased in separate foam compartments to ensure nothing is damaged during shipping.


All the parts required to build the lift, minus hardware. They even include a custom battery pack to power the lift.


First thing we did was install the uprights of the lift on to the base plate. You will have to plug the corresponding JST plugs in for both motors to work simultaneously. Connect as follows, 1 to 1, 3 to 3, and 5 to 5. The wires are marked making it as simple as it gets.


Next we installed the battery and cover plate for the base. Be careful not to pinch any wires when installing the cover plate. The bottom of the base plate has slots cut in it so you can plug the battery in without taking the lift apart. We elevated the base during assembly so we could feed the battery wires through the base and plug them in once assembly is complete.


A shot of the battery wires sticking out of the base plate.


Time to add all the scale details, and decals, that are included. Too cool!


Here you can see the main power button as well as the buttons to move the lift up and down.


Next we installed the lift arms, short arms go in back and long in front.


And we are done!


Of course we had to take a quick shot in the garage, even though it isn’t fully set-up right now. Our Trail Finder 2 fits the lift perfectly as the arms line up nicely with the rocker guards. What an awesome addition to any scale workshop or garage!


And that officially wraps up our scale garage build series! This was a really fun project and we had a blast during the build process. Hope everyone enjoyed following along as much as we enjoyed building it. As always, thanks for checking out the RPP Hobby blog!