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And we’re back on our scale garage build! We know, this post is a bit overdue and it wasn’t intentional. We have been racking our brains trying to figure out a flooring system for our miniature scale garage. We wanted to do something different that stood out from the crowd. RC4WD came to rescue for us big time! While we were attending Axialfest 2019 a couple weeks ago we noticed the crew at RC4WD displaying something new and it was right up our alley, scale garage flooring! Can you say SOLD!? We knew instantly this was the system needed to bring our garage to the next level. Needless to say we are finally ready to add some finishing details to this project. We also have a handful of new scale items to show you as well. Ready to see more?

First a sneak peak at the RC4WD floor in place. The flooring is sold with 20 black pieces, 20 white pieces, and black trim for the perimeter.


Next we sat and sifted through the RC Mayhem Garage catalog and loaded up on scale garage goodies! Here is a sneak peek at what we started with. You can’t have a proper workshop without an air compressor, right? A little paint and a few dabs of glue and we will have ourselves a custom upright shop compressor. Too cool!


Need a drill press? They have that too!


Another mandatory item is a nice floor jack. The handle actually moves the lift up, as they are one piece. Nice touch!


Project cars usually need a fresh battery.


Going to need that reciprocating saw to cut the fenders on a few projects. And let’s not forget about a good cordless drill!


We change our own oil in this house!


Generators are always nice to have around the shop.


Smudge pot for those cold winter days.


Of course we used a handful of Gear Head RC items as well! Having a creeper makes life so much easier, at least until our lift is installed.


Scale stool for the win!


Stackable milk crates work great for storage!



Yeah Racing also has a handful of great scale accessories for a tiny garage. Scale Jerry Cans for scale gas.


Scale chain with hooks.


We also used a few of the discontinued scale accessories from Pro-Line Racing. These are sold in sets and have incredible detail. Accessory pack #7 offers a water jug, gas can, shovel, and fire extinguisher.


Every off road vehicle needs dual batteries, and a power converter.


Time to beef up the drivetrain!


Now that the details are covered, a few shots of the scale garage as it sits now.


And that takes care of Part 4 in our scale garage build series. While it is still not technically finished, we are at least starting to see our vision come together! As always thanks for checking out the RPP Hobby blog!