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It’s time for the second installment of the RPP Hobby scale garage build! In this article we are going to show you more details we have in mind for the garage and/or workshop. We want this project to have a ton of detail so we have been running different scenarios through our minds as to what we want to have in the shop, as well as where it will sit. We are just about to the point where we can actually start assembling everything as we have most of the details we wanted to incorporate planned out now. Here’s what we have laid out in our minds going forward.

Most garages double as man caves and ours will be no different. Nothing sets the mood like vintage auto, gas, and oil signs. These are actually refrigerator magnets, but they are the perfect size for 1/10th scale metal garage signs that would hang on the wall.


Interior walls will be 3/16 thick.


The interior of the garage will have a finished look accented by wooden beams and framework. The main beams will measure 1/2″ x 1/2″.


Secondary beams will be slightly smaller.


Wooden workbench tops. We bought a couple of these and will make the benches ourselves.


We also bought two small doll house end tables. We plan to mount these under the workbench surface.


Every shop must have doors and windows right? We found this 1/12th scale door at Hobby Lobby. The height isn’t perfect, but it will work. We plan on picking up a matching window or two as well. We will print a scenic mountain view to paste on the backside of the windows, so when you look out there will be a “view”.


Of course we will need a healthy supply of wood glue and small nails to build everything we need.


Part of the shop will have a short half wall around the perimeter made of scale cinder blocks. We will paint them gray before assembling them.


Once we get them paint it should look about right.


More details! Every shop needs a shop dog right? Ours is still a puppy.


Wooden gears that we will paint and mount on the wall near our home made spur gear clock.


Metal gussets for the corners of our main wooden beams.


Small 3″ diameter wooden wagon wheel that will be part of the ambiance.


Another must have item, a flat screen TV with remote control. We will print another cool scale photo to glue on the TV so it has more detail to it.


Scale American flag for the win!


One last detail we wanted to add was a few half walls constructed out of Lincoln Logs. We plan on using the standard Sam Fischer action figure from the Splinter Cell video game series in the garage, and the scale size of the logs is just about spot on for 1/10th scale garage builds.


Once we purchased the Lincoln Logs we realized the wood we had bought for the interior beam work was too light to match. So we hit the local hardware store in search of matching wood stain. We found the “Golden Oak” stain to be the best match.


That does it for part two of our scale garage build series. Stay tuned for part three as we begin constructing the walls and interior features. As always thanks again for checking out the RPP Hobby blog!