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It is time to build RPP Hobby our very own 1/10th scale garage! This is something we have wanted to do for a long time. We’ve had different ideas we would incorporate into our vision of a clean, creative scale workshop floating around in our heads for a while now. We recently jotted down a few ideas on paper to get them documented and it went down hill from there. Before we knew it we had an extensive list of items we wanted to add to the shop, with a handful of cool ideas for some custom one-off touches. And our minds just kept going! This is the first installment of many covering some of the items we will be adding to the shop. Let’s dive in.


You can’t have a proper shop without a wide variety of tools. Like a real 1:1 garage, this list will grow extensively as time goes on. Here is what we have gathered so far. Hand tools and small tool box courtesy of Horizon Hobby.


Pro-line axe, shovel, and pry bar will be hanging on the wall for the scale “honey-do” list.


Portable air tank from RC Mayhem Garage.


We will have an assortment of milk crates from RC Mayhem Garage and Gear Head RC.


No garage is complete with out some spare parts and recovery gear laying around, right? We have a single spare Axial sand ramp, so we painted it orange to look like a 1:1 Maxtrax.


Scale Hi-Lift jack.


Spare winch.


Spare winch fairlead.


Spare sway bar arms.


We painted an Axial radiator, fan, and shroud. We “weathered” the edges of the radiator to make it look as though it has been shuffled around the shop a bit.


Authentic weathered scale metal leaf springs!


Scale tree saver and metal D-ring.


More spares laying around the shop. We will paint all of these to add more details to the garage.


No shop is complete without a few banners!


We will utilize these old Honcho plates from the front bumper and repurpose them as shelf supports.


RC cars for the previously mentioned shelves in the shop. We also have a handful of vintage mint condition Hot Wheels cars from the 70’s to use as well.


Boys and their toys, got to have a dirt bike of some sort.


Last couple thing we wanted to show off are custom touches we are making ourselves. First up, a spur gear clock with pinion gear center and set screw hands. We just need to find some small number stickers and she is ready to mount on the wall in our garage.


A 3D printed Jeep JK grill will also hang on the wall. We are going to add headlights, marker lights, and possibly a front bumper too.


And that is the beginning of the end. Honestly, we can’t stop thinking about this scale garage project. Now that we have a few ideas on paper we have an idea for the overall look and feel of our scale workshop. Our gears are always turning, literally. Thanks again for checking out the RPP Hobby blog, and stay tuned for much more with this particular project. Special thanks to RC Fab Works for letting us use a photo of their scale garage in the preview and beginning of this article too!