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The scale R/C scene is growing by leaps and bounds right now! There seems to be a flood of new trucks, manufacturers, and even some well respected names diving into the scale off road market. Cross-RC has thrown their hat in the ring with a few scale trucks and accessories. In this article we will give you an in depth look at the Cross RC FR4 Demon RTR. This platform has a lot of potential right out of the box with aluminum suspension and steering links, aluminum shock bodies, beadlock wheels, lights, and a host of other features. Let’s dig a little deeper into the Demon RTR!

The Lexan body has a really unique look. The molded plastic grill and side view mirrors help give it a few extra scale points too.

Side shot shows off the impressive ground clearance due to the lower suspension links mounting above the axle.


More scale points out back in the form of a plastic “spare tire” cover.


Color matched plastic beadlock wheels are a nice touch on an RTR. The tires have a nice scale pattern and compound works fairly well.


Due to the body having working headlights, and the chassis mounted bumper having marker lights, you need to unplug a couple wires to remove the body completely.


One wire unplugs from the passenger headlight on the body, the other is removed from the receiver on the chassis. Really simple to do, just pay attention to orientation when you plug them in again.


Body off shots reveal plastic inner fenders, center mounted battery tray, motor and transmission up front, and a true-to-scale divorced transfer case.


The ESC and receiver are both mounted in front of the motor to keep as much weight forward as possible.


A shot of the belly shows off the metal suspension links, and also reveals the metal driveshafts!


The FR4 Demon has metal in all the right places!


An axle mounted steering servo keeps the Demon RTR tracking in the right direction. Notice the orange marker lights in the bumper too.


The rear end of the chassis is pretty standard with a nice high clearance molded plastic rear bumper.


Who is ready for a night run? Tough to tell in a photo but, the stock headlights should provide plenty of illumination after the sun goes down.


And that’s a wrap on the Cross-RC FR4 Demon RTR trail truck. Lots of cool features delivered in a nice scale package! Be sure to check out our first trail run video posted below! As always, thanks for checking out the RPP Hobby blog!


First Trail Run: